Irrigation Systems, Lakes and Pools

Sistemas de Rega, Lagos e Piscinas  

Irrigation Systems

Water is a key element of the human being to life, both in terms of survival, both for recreational and environmental. The presence of this interesting element in space, public or private, increases its environmental and visual quality. Water is life support and biodiversity, operates as a thermoregulator element and provides interesting visual and social experiences.

The Viveiros das Naus give you the opportunity to have a water element in your space. Through our office of landscaping / hydraulic, composed of a specialized technical team, we provide full support to our clients in project development and execution of the work and maintenance of irrigation systems, lakes, swimming pools (natural and artificial) and spa’s. The materials used in our projects are from high quality brands such as Rainbird, Hunter, Nelson Grundfos Pumps, among others.

And as water is a valuable and increasingly scarce resource, its management and rationalization is part of the Environmental Liability policy of the Viveiros das Naus.