Nurseries’ Origin

Viveiros das Naus

Due to the “dream” of one of the members of the Viveiros das Naus, by proposing the same to the Director of the Ajuda’s Botanical Garden, the Engineer Dalila Espírito Santo, appeared the intention to join those two entities to take forward an ambitious project being undertaken in the former Arborinho which was almost totally doomed to abandonment and giving life to this space by creating an area nurseries with Prestige, Quality and Elegance, suitable for current requirements and location.

All the space was reconstructed building on the existing topography (paths, walls, low walls, tanks, etc.) taking care to restore all these situations, leaving the current site of the greenhouses that previously existed in wood and plastic.

The site became in a more pleasant and appropriate to the current demands of users who frequent a space as the Botanical Garden of Ajuda.

In this space the visitor can also remain in a zone that was created for reading, relaxation and contact with nature, thus the visitor may at any time to have the visit of the peacocks that live in the garden beside him, while he reads or hears a little music and rest your legs after a visit to the Garden.

In this space that has the name of Viveiros das Naus, you can still find … “without having to embark on a Ship” … the most beautiful plants and garden accessories, office, housing, etc … and why not also in our Orchidarium acquire a fine orchids therein.

It is common error to confuse the desire with the want to.
The desire measure the obstacles and the will beat them.”
Alexandre Herculano, writer